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About Mountain Massage

We are an experienced team of fully qualified sports and massage therapists committed to providing expert treatments and advice specific to your needs.

Based in the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes we cover resorts across the Tarentaise including Les Arcs, La Plagne, Les Coches and Sainte-Foy.

Our treatments are provided through a range of practices including massage and correcting muscular imbalances, achieved through understanding and analysing movement patterns throughout the kinetic chain.

We are fully insured with the relevant authorities in France, the UK, and Worldwide.

Mountain Massage was founded by David Crandon, a health and exercise therapist with over 20 years of practical experience in Sports Science, Personal Training, Sports Therapy, and Sports Massage. David has a BSc (hons) in Health and Exercise Science, has trained professionally in the UK and India, is Premier training certified sports therapist and personal trainer, a Yoga alliance certified yoga teacher, and a fully qualified lecturer in Sports Science.
Academic journals are key to David’s ongoing research, allowing him to build on his extensive knowledge by identifying and studying the methods of individuals whom he considers to be world leaders in the fields of strength, functional movement, yoga, and physical therapy. This has led to David specialising in sports massage therapies, fat loss, pre and post-habilitation, and postural correction.
Throughout his career David has worked closely with sports injury clinics, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths in order to rehabilitate and prevent further injury by providing his clients with the right management strategies and treatments in order to cater for their specific needs.

I constantly seek new experiences, new places, and new challenges. This is reflected in my love of travel and the sporting activities I engage with including snowboarding, road biking, mountain biking and hiking. My physical and mental condition are essential in allowing me to enjoy these hobbies to the best of my ability on a regular basis. To achieve this I practice a weekly routine of strength training, yoga, pre-hab, sports massage, and additional stretching programs alongside my hobbies and work.

David Crandon
Founder, MountainMassage